It started of a sudden and still I’m on the boat surfing the sea of vocabulary, grammar, English, knowledge, failure, and time to get few more out of me! Well the answer is still unanswered why I write but I think I was successful in getting a partial answer which is satisfactory at this immature stage of writing. I don’t know why I started writing. I don’t know why anybody does it. Maybe they’re bored, or failures at something else.

My starting point is always a feeling of partisanship, a sense of injustice. When I sit down to write a blog, I do not say to myself, ‘I am going to produce a work of art’. I write it because there is some lie that I want to expose, some fact to which I want to draw attention, and my initial concern is to get a hearing. Moreover desire to share an experience which one feels is valuable and ought not to be missed.

For me my anger(very rarely I get in such state), my emotion, my feelings, my words, my urge, my stern, my stress , tiredness and almost everything whatsoever I go through finds it’s answer in my blogs or any other form of writing(even Insta story).

All writers are vain, selfish, and lazy, and at the very bottom of their motives there lies a mystery. Writing a blog is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one was not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand. For all one knows that demon is simply the same instinct that makes a baby squall for attention. And yet it is also true that one can write nothing readable unless one constantly struggles to efface one’s own personality. Good prose is like a windowpane. I cannot say with certainty which of my motives are the strongest, but I know which of them deserve to be followed. And looking back through my work, I see that it is invariably where I lacked a meaningful purpose that I wrote lifeless blogs and was betrayed into purple passages, sentences without meaning, decorative adjectives and humbug generally. Mostly they are based on some common theme of any novel, blog, news article or any other form of writing which I read in my leisure or forcefully in school or college. Well another answer is I write because I can know to get answer of why I write is to keep writing.

Sheer egoism as defined by sir Orwell Desire to seem clever, to be talked about, to be remembered after death, to get your own back on the grown-ups who snubbed you in childhood, etc etc. It is humbug to pretend this is not a motive, and a strong one. Writers share this characteristic with scientists, artists, politicians, lawyers, soldiers, successful businessmen — in short, with the whole top crust of humanity. The great mass of human beings is not acutely selfish. After the age of about thirty they almost abandon the sense of being individuals at all — and live chiefly for others, or are simply smothered under drudgery. But there is also the minority of gifted, willful people who are determined to live their own lives to the end, and writers belong in this class. Serious writers, I should say, are on the whole more vain and self-centered than journalists, though less interested in money.

I never thought of making any sought of revenue by any means of writing. So to monetize my blog and earn some is not for what I write, my writings are just for the sake of killing time when my time is concentrated and I have to choose among YouTube Facebook or any other platform online to kill time I preferably choose word press. The heat on lap(of laptop) feels good enough and I am very comfortable doing all these things. Well to be honest writing work is tiresome and you need to put up all your four dimensional thinking to get few lines published just to get few genuine complements and those feels like someone has put up oxygen musk at the height of 42000 feet about the ground to support breath.

Joshua Becker sir though his post helped me a lot in my initial stage. He and many such writers & posts which I come across daily are reason why I write. “http://www.becomingminimalist.com/15-reasons-i-think-you-should-blog” – Joshua Becker

This not to impress you actually or to prove me superior to anyone because to do that I have many alternatives rather than sitting here on terrace and thinking about how you peoples will react to this blog. But yes a writer always cares about it’s good readers and it is the reader only for whom writer write as if a writer express himself but no one even cared about it will be very relate-able like you text someone very close to you on whatsapp but you don’t get anything except blue ticks!!

“I write because I love writing. I think I became a writer in order to explore my ideas and responses to the world around me, which I often found it difficult to share with others. Also I liked my passion, and a writer can choose his or her own working hours – midnight to dawn or whenever. The difficulty of becoming a writer never bothered me. I knew it was going to work for me sooner or later. And if you’re a writer you don’t have to retire but can keep on doing the thing you love till you drop off the chair.” – Alex Miller and she & her words too are the reason why I wrote & will write.

-Raman Nayak



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