hypocrite-How comfortable we are pretending!

I wish I was talking about the eyeshadow palette, but sadly this post is about something else. I need to talk about the venomous creatures all of us know: two-faced snake of which one face is real and other pretending!
  3  years ago, when I was  in high school, I was extremely fond of chewing gum, especially during class hours. However, sooner or later the chewing gum would either lose its taste or I would become bored with it. After  a while, I would start looking around, wondering how I could get rid of the gum nicely and quietly. As you might have guessed by now, yes, I was that kid sticking his used gum underneath the desk. And as I grew older, I started noticing that I wasn’t the only one deviating from the social norms that society has laid out for us. How often is it that we conveniently forget to return dirty food trays in the cafeteria?  Or let our dogs poop in the park and head off before anyone has a chance to notice?

                               I think Thomas Jefferson was on a similar train of thought when he wrote, “Whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching.” I always found this to be a particularly interesting quote, as it reminds us of the fact that we tend to be on our best behavior when we know that we are being observed. like One we behave in Front of our school principle or our bowed smiling face in front of guest’s in house! While this may seem obvious, new research points to something far less obvious: it doesn’t take a fellow human being to make us feel “as if the world were watching,” not even another living organism. All it takes is an image of a pair of human eyes.

                               These are the people who pretend to like you but secretly hate you. These are the people who call you terrible things when you’re not listening, but when you accomplish something extraordinary, they can even kiss your feet as much as they can, just so they can be part of your success. These are the people who act nice when other people are watching, but turn nasty once the cameras are off. 

                               There will always be two-faced people. In school, at work, even at home — they’re like bad habits you can never get rid of. These two-faced snakes can be harmless, but they can be pretty damaging, too. Two-faced snakes have the power to ruin your image by spreading stories that aren’t entirely true. Why they do that, I don’t know. Is it because of insecurity? Pure hatred? Lack of goodness in the heart? just for time pass? or what?

                               It would be easy to say, “I’m not affected by what other people say about me” but let’s be honest, it does hurt to be stabbed by someone you thought you could trust.

                               The thing is, these snakes aren’t that easy to spot. Sometimes they dress up and pretend to look all innocent, fooling everyone including themselves even for a long interval of time. You know those movies with housewives wearing pearls, who pretend to be perfect, but are actually viperous as hell? They want the world to see them as important and faultless members of society. They want to look good in front of an audience but don’t care who they step on.
But why do they have to hide their other face? If they’re fierce enough to talk shit behind our backs, shouldn’t that mean they’re fierce enough to be honest?

           I don’t know anything about psychology or whatever, but I think they’re truly afraid. They’re afraid of having someone better than them, so they talk shit about others to appear powerful, to compensate for their lack of achievement. Then, when faced with the person they once talked shit about, they’re afraid of confrontation, so they fake being nice. And, when someone has something they want, they fake being good people too, because deep inside, they want what the other person has. They’re jealous, but they don’t want that to show.

                To be honest, there’s no way to get rid of these two-faced snakes. I guess we just need to be careful with whom we associate ourselves with, of whom we “befriend”, because these snakes can strike any time. Ignoring the negativity they throw at us is another way to “kill” these snakes, but that’s easier said than done.

                I guess the most important thing to do is to know who you truly are, know what you stand for, and keep building yourself up instead of knocking others down. STOP PRETENDING, BEING GENUINE WORTH MUCH MORE. A simple natural personality is far more better then a fake lighting one.
And hopefully, the two-faced snakes will learn a thing or two.
-Raman nayak



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